0.1 Vanilla 66% het Clown

Hatched: 18.07.2017

Weight: 2000g



We tested the 66% het Clown one time in 2020. We paired her with Pastel Vanilla Clown. She laid 6 eggs, without a visual Clown. So there is still a theoretical chance, she could be 100% het Clown. Unfortunately we have important projects that we need her place. So she can leave us and maybe someone will test her again and be lucky enough to hit visual Clowns.

1.0 Leopard Mojave Pastel 50% het Piebald

Hatched: 27.10.2018

Weight: 900g


We tested the 50% het Piebald in 2020. However, we only had a 100% het Piebald lady available for this test. We paired him to a Black Pastel Spider 100% het Piebald. She laid 7 eggs, unfortunately also in this test, no visual Piebald. I am actually pretty shure, that this animal is 100% het Piebald. Because compared to its siblings of the same genetics, he was much more blushed and the pattern was also more reduced. But here too, we need his place for important projects. I think the chances of getting visual Piebalds when mating with a finished Piebald lady is very high.

1.0 Mojave 100% het Clown

Proven Breeder

Hatched: 01.09.2018

Weight: 1050g


1.0 Bumble Bee Clown


Hatched: 16.08.2017

Weight: 1200g

Price: 300€

1.0 Pastel Vanilla 100% het Piebald

Proven Breeder

Hatched: 23.07.2017

Weight: 950g


1.0 Leopard 100% het Piebald

Proven Breeder

Hatched: 23.06.2015

Weight: 1100g


1.0 Vanilla 100% het Clown

Proven Breeder

Hatched: 06.03.2017

Weight: 1150g

Price: 100€